About me

How Chiticris started

Everything started one summer in Benicasim, my summer place, when a restorer friend told me, "I'm going to teach you how to put a napkin on a glass plate" and that's how we spent an afternoon in the terrace of my house making the plate. What I couldn't imagine at that point of time is that this plate was going to be the beginning of what is now Chiticris.
Glass plates, dishes, trays ... customized with napkins using the decoupage technique - Chiticris

A little bit about me

Since I was a child, I loved all the things related to hand-making, create, paint, draw….. I could spend a lot of hours doing this and I was so happy. When graduated from the school, I decided to start a Design degree at university. For different reasons I changed my mind and refocused my studies to become a teacher, where there was also lots of creativity, but in this case with my other passion: the kids.  

I spent several years working as a children's teacher and the summer I did the first Chiticris plate in Benicasim, I decided to leave the work at the school to go with my husband to live in London. Life takes many turns and thank God without planning it Chiticris emerged.

Just before going to London, I had my very first Chiticris Christmas Market. I need to admit that I was afraid as I didn’t know if the people would like our plates or not, but I am so grateful because the market was a really successful. After this first market, another opportunity followed with only 10 days’ notice. I had to work hard as, it took me two months to prepare for my first market and now I had less than 2 weeks. It was crazy, but it wasn't just me, as my husband helped me all the evenings afterwork and so did my family and friends. All of them were very involved in this project... On weekends they would come to the market to visit me and even help me to sell and they were sharing it proudly with all their contacts. I need to thank them again because without their help, Chiticris would be now a dream and not a reality.

London was another gift for Chiticris. There, I had the opportunity to attend courses to learn techniques for flower decoration, lettering, drawing and art courses.... and I was also very lucky to have the time to discover and fall in love with the incredible corners of a city that was and continues to be a source of inspiration.
Glass plates, dishes, trays ... customized with napkins using the decoupage technique - Chiticris
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