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From entertainment to business project


Chiticris in \"La Vanguardia\"

It all started as entertainment. "One summer afternoon, in Benicàssim, where I spend a lifetime summer, a restorer friend taught me how to do the decoupage technique," recalls Cristina Pàmies, founder of Chiticris. "We spent the whole afternoon making the dish," he adds. Decoupage is a decorative technique in which printed papers or fabrics are used that are glued on various supports such as wood, ceramics, metals, candles, soaps, glass, earthenware or cardboard, among others.

That same summer, Pàmies left her job as a teacher and went to live in London, where a job opportunity had arisen for her husband. Her passion for crafts led her to continue practicing the learned technique, until she began to sell her creations. First in markets. Then he began to receive requests for the social network Instagram. Once back in Barcelona, she opened a physical store and during the confinement due to coronavirus she decided to organize several digital markets.



After confinement, the definitive step was taken

Last July, the entrepreneur took a step forward and formally established the brand. He baptized her with the name Chiticris, which is what her father affectionately calls her, making a mix between Chiti, a nickname with which her friends and acquaintances know her, and Cris, from Cristina. Her husband, Javier Sinca, accompanies her on her business adventure as a capitalist partner. Pàmies also has the help of a mentor, Josep Torres, the father of a friend, who has experience in the business field.

The launch of Chiticris will involve an investment of around 30,000 euros between the setting up of a new workshop and the creation of a new website, which the entrepreneur expects to be ready by Christmas. Pàmies continues to craft glass dishes, which are the firm's star product. Also create platters, trays and other products for tableware or simply decorative.

With a team of three people, the founder of the firm expects to bill about 100,000 euros this year and double the figure in 2021, which will be Chiticris' first full year.


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