The Chiticris Store

A dream comes true.
When we came back from our time in London, we decided to fully embark on this new project. The first step was to find a space where we could make our plates.

After an intense search in which the help of my mother, sister and friends was essential, we found a small place located at Ciudad in Balaguer 51 Street, in Barcelona. On our first visit to the establishment, I could not disguise my happiness.  I imagined myself producing my plates there and all the anecdotes and stories that were about to come... It was certainly a gift from Our Lady, the Mother of God; it was the perfect place to continue our journey.

After a few months of intense work with the redecoration of the establishment, on the 21st November 2019, we were able to officially inaugurate the Chiticris' place. Joy, emotion, happiness... are some of the feelings I did feel that day.

The Showroom opens different days a week that I publish in advance on my Instagram. Every time I open the store, I can't hide that emotion on my face again, learning about your stories behind each plate is a gift for me. Every day I realize again that my dream is coming true because of you.


Calle Ciutat de Balaguer 51, 08022, Barcelona

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