The workshop

Chiticris expands

After less than one year working in Chiticris in Ciudad de Balaguer, 51; that space became too small to produce and sell the plates at the same time.

In months of high uncertainty about the current economic situation due to the current pandemic, we found ourselves with the need to expand our facilities in order to continue growing.

At that moment,  we decided to take the next step further and find a new place fully dedicated to the production; THE WORKSHOP.
After 2020 summer we found the perfect place for Chiticris, to continue growing step by step as we have been doing so far. At the same time of the new Workshop, we onboarded the chiticris team. arrived ; the CHITICRIS TEAM.

I always thank to Our Lady  (The Mother of God) for each of the steps we have taken in Chiticris, and it was during the Rosary month that all this has happened: the new workshop, the new Chiticris Team.... Thanks again for this gift.

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